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Cabin Tents

See our online camping store range of cabin tents. If there is something specific you are looking for and it’s not online contact our store on 1300 863 117.

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Oztrail 10x8 Cabin Tent
A fully featured single room cabin tent with a large awning and plenty of space inside. Features: • Your choice of 1 or 2 rooms with a ..
In Stock
OzTrail 12x15 Cabin Tent
A 2 room Cabin with a rear bedroom, a front living area and plenty of space under the generously sized awning Features: • Your choice of 2 or 3 roo..
Out Of Stock
OzTrail 15x16 Cabin Tent
If you consider the 12 x 15 too small, then this Cabin is for you. It sleeps up to 16 and has the 3 in 1 Canvas Sunroom and Vinyl floor included! Features: ..
Out Of Stock
OzTrail Chateau 10 Cabin Tent
A large family canvas cabin with two huge private bedrooms separated by a central living area Features: • Your choice of 2 or 3 r..
Out Of Stock
OzTrail Chateau 12 Cabin Tent
The king of the Cabin tents, this fully featured canvas tent will fit your entire tribe! Features: • Your choice of up to 4 rooms including 2 priva..