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See our online camping store range of survival products. If there is something specific you are looking for and it’s not online contact our store on 1300 863 117

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Compact First Aid Kit
  Features: Lightweight and small enough to fit inside a backpack or handbag Ideal for camping, hiking, beach, picnics or day trips Durable plastic case ..
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Head Net
Features: Avoid annoying mosquitoes and flies when camping or bushwalking with this nylon mosquito head net which fits comfortably over most head gear Elastic opening w..
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Survival Blanket
Features: Fits easily into a pocket Protection against excessive heat or cold Essential survival equipment for first aid emergency anti-shock treatment Comp..
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The Locals Sandfly & Mozzie Spray 125ml
 125ml repellent spray. Containing the same active ingredients as our already popular Lotion, The Sandfly and Mozzie Spray is a great smelling, non greasy, safe repellent. Even ..
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The Locals Sandfly & Mozzie Stuff Insect Repellant 200g
If you are looking for a natural product that gives you maximum protection from biting insects, our Sandfly and Mozzie stuff deet free repellent is designed for this. We pride oursel..