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Showers, Toilets & Washing

Take the extra comforts of home while camping. See our online camping store range of shower tents, portable toilets and camp showers. Our range includes products from OzTrail, Primus & Companion.. If there is something specific you are looking for and it’s not online contact our store on 1300 863 117.


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Camec Portable Toilet 20L
Camec Portable Toilets are manufactured using a premium high density polyethylene material for strength and durability. 20L waste holding tank 10L fresh water holding tank. Manual flu..
In Stock
Odour-B-Gone Holding Tank Tablets 40
Odour-B-Gone is a tablet form of compressed per-oxy salts; it contains no fillers i. e. it is made of 100% active ingredientsThe tablets slowly dissolve in the holding/ waste tank of..