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Ozpig Accessories
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Take it fishing, camping or use it in your own backyard or patio. The Ozpig is great when entertaining outdoors. Relax and enjoy the warmth of an open fire in safety while you ..
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Ozpig 27cm Stir Fry Wok
  An Ozpig Wok fits directly into the top of the Ozpig cooker.   Create asian delights over a wood fire, or flip it over and use it to create an over over the cook..
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Ozpig Big Boar Camp Oven
Ozpig Big Boar Camp Oven is a premium, 4mm black steel camp oven that dials up the grunt on any other camp oven cookware. If cared for properly, it should last you a lifetime. &nbs..
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Ozpig Big Boar Kettle 4 Litres
Made extra tough, the Ozpig Big Boar kettle will withstand the rigours of campsite cooking, with the added benefit of being suitable for gas, ceramic, indiction and halogen cooktops...
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Ozpig Char Grill & Drip Tray
Cook mouth watering wood fired steak with the Ozpig Char-Grill plate & Drip Tray.   The easy clean enamel coated grill sits inside a drip tray that stops the fat from dr..
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Ozpig Diffuser
Used under the top plate, the Ozpig diffuser reduces heat intensity and is ideal when gentle simmering is required.       Fits under BBQ plate   &..
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Ozpig Enamel BBQ Plate
Ozpig Enamel BBQ Plate is easy to use and look after. Having the enamel coating means quick and easy cleaning in hot soapy water without having to season the plate afterwards. &nbs..
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Ozpig Extension Legs
    Give your Ozpig a 'leg-up' with the Ozpig Extension Legs.   Made of zinc plated steel and easily screw into existing legs to give extra height to y..
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Ozpig Extra Large Warming Tray
1 x 340mm x 255mm removable plate for cooking and warming.   Enjoy the larger surface area of this warming tray to keep your food warm or slow cook with ease by placing your..
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Ozpig Heat Bead Basket
    The heat bead basket sits inside the top of the Ozpig. The use of heat beads is great when cooking. 15 to 25 heat beads should provide 2 to 4hrs of cooking time. Th..
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Ozpig Offset Chimney Kit ( 4 Pieces )
The Offset section takes the flue away from the body of the Ozpig to provide extra space for large frying pans and pots. It also enables you to have the ozpig inside an awning or..
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Ozpig Pig Pen
      Sets up and pack away easily     Sturdy steel construction     Provides a safety barrier around your Ozpig stove  ..
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Ozpig Rotisserie Kit
    With the Ozpig Rotisserie enables you to produce wood fired roast meat right in your campsite.   Powered by 2 x D cell batteries, you can sit back with a b..
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Ozpig Straight Chimney Section
The Straight Chimney piece adds to the overall length of the flue ..
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Ozpig Tool Rack
    The Ozpig Tool Rack attaches easily to the side of your Ozpig cooker and provides easy storage of cooking utensils, pots, pans and accessories.    &nb..