What's Up Downunder S05 E04 - Kids Under Cover Charity Raffle


The Caravan Industry Victoria Helps Prevent Youth Homelessness


The Caravan Industry Association Victoria is working with their members to help prevent youth homelessness by supporting Kids Under Cover.

Kids Under Cover is a not for profit organisation that takes an early-intervention approach in preventing youth homelessness. They are the only organisation in Australia offering the unique combination of housing, scholarships and mentors for the homeless and at risk young people. For more information on Kids Under Cover visit their website

Six Caravan Industry Association Members were engaged by the Caravan Industry Association Victoria to
build a 23ft Family Caravan “The United Haven”, The Caravan has been named ‘The United Haven’, United – to bring people together and Haven for a safe refuge.‘The United Haven’, will be raffled to raise over $100,000 to support Kids Under Cover.

Royal Flair Caravans, Van Cruiser Caravans, G & S Chassis, Nova Caravans, Elite Caravans & Crusader Caravans along with CIL Insurance are just a few that donated their time to ensure that the approach of Kids Under Cover continues in preventing youth homelessness and help people reach their full potential.

Peter May, President of the Caravan Industry Association Victoria says, “This is proud moment when all our members work together to help such a great cause, We’re an Industry that believes our lifestyle unites families, and keeps them connected with memories. This is one of many ways we like to give back to our community”.

We expect to raise upto $100,000 that will be raised, it will be directly injected into two studio’s to provide a secure and stable home for those in need. There are great benefits for these studios’ for example 82% of the young people surveyed said they’d be homeless if not for Kids Under Cover, it helps them focus on positive life choices such as education and employment and helps them improve their relationships with family/ carer .(information provided by Kids Under Cover).

From the 2011 Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of population and housing; estimating homelessness, Say, On any given night, there are more than 105,000 people who are homeless, of these, 42% are under the age of 25.

The Caravan Industry Association Victoria (www.gomakesomememories.com.au) is committed to building stronger family units and are working with their members to make this happen. For your chance to win The United Haven, contact the Caravan Industry Association Victoria (03) 9372 5388 or visit www.gomakesomememories.com.au. Your generosity is needed to raise awareness and help prevent youth homelessness.

If you would like more information, please contact Tara Nestor at the Caravan Industry Association Victoria (03) 9372 5388 or email tnestor@ciavic.com.au