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Pod 15AMP to 10AMP Adapter

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Price: $153.00
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The new POD (Protection On Demand) 15amp to 10amp adaptor safely and legally connects your caravan via the POD to your home power outlet without fear of overloading or damage to your home power supply and appliances.
Don't risk your insurance policy, don't use a death lead, simply use a fully approved POD (Power On Demand).
Other key features include:
    Suit up to 10mm thick leads
    Inbuilt circuit breaker for current overload protection
    Residual current device (RCD) for fault current protection
    Protected against splashing water from all directions (IP44)
    Brightly coloured outer for visibility
    Clear lid for easy inspection
    1.5m Lead
    Adjustable cable clamp for different cable thickness
    Has a loop for hanging
    Combined 10amp circuit breaker and 30MA RCD
    Approved to AS/NZS 3190:2011
    Designed in Australia

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