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Caravan & Trailer Levellers & Chocks

See our online camping store range of caravan and trailer levellers and chocks. If there is something specific you are looking for and it’s not online contact our store on 1300 863 117.

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3 Step Levelling Ramps
Designed for Single and Tandem Axle Caravans and Motorhomes UV Resistant Lightweight ~ 1.9kg each Easy to Use Durable Heavy duty grip to secure tyre Max Weight per Axle - 5 Tonnes Op..
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Australian RV Large Levelling Blocks - (Pair)
Award RV's 8 tonne Large Levelling Blocks are ideal for caravans, motorhomes, buses and RV's. Now sold in new high visibility colour Features: Suitable for carava..
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Australian RV Levelling Ramps - (Pair)
Award RV's 5 tonne multi level ramps are used for caravans and motorhomes and now sold in new high visibility colour Features: Suitable for caravans and motorhomes up..
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Australian RV Small Levelling Blocks - (Pair)
Award RV's 5 tonne Small Levelling Blocks are ideal for small caravans and dual axle caravans. Now sold in new high visibility colour Features: Suitable for small car..
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Award RV Anti Theft Chocks  - (Pair)
Features: A safety chock for use with caravans and motorhomes Specifications: Dimensions: L 17cm x W 12cm x H 11cm Warranty: 6 year warranty **Comes in a Pair ..
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Award RV Levelling Block Chocks - (Pair)
Features: For use with large and standard levelling blocks (Pair) Stock Levels:  Stock levels may vary, not all stock is available at the store at all times. If an ite..
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Camec 2 Way plastic Level
Dimensions 58mm x 43mm ..
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Camec Tyre Saver
Suitable for use with caravans, trailers, prestige cars or any vehicle that isn't moved for long periods. Features: Prevents Flat Spots Suitable tyre diameters ..
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Camec Wheel Chock
Features: Manufactured from tough polypropylene plastic for superior strength Can also be used with Camec Wheel Level Specifications: Dimensions: L 18cm x W 1..
In Stock
Camec Wheel Level & Chock Kit
Manufactured from tough polypropylene plastic for superior strength. Features: Anti slip plate clips onto the leading edge of the level ramp Wheel chock locks into ..
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Explore Leveling Ramp Chocks
The Haigh Explore Levelling Ramp Chocks are for use in conjunction with the Haigh Explore CVL2 3 step Levelling Ramps. They interlock into the levelling ramp. Features: UV Res..
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Jockey Wheel Reciever ( Small )
Protects your jockey wheel from sinking into the ground. Designed to fit a 6" wheel comfortably. 170mm x 130mm x 40mm..
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Jockey Wheel Reciever (Large)
Prevents jockey wheel from sinking in soft ground. Reduces the risk of movement when the trailer is not in use. Made from tough durable moulded rubber. Suitable for larg..