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Camec Tow Ball Weight Scale

Brand: Camec
Availability: In Stock
Price: $62.95
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Are you concerned you might be towing an illegal load or putting your family in danger? Did you know it is illegal to exceed your maximum ball weight when towing.  
When towing any vehicle, caravan, boat or trailer it is vital to know your towball weight. An overloaded tow ball can cause dangerous scenarios such as caravan sway, difficulty breaking and steering. 
Luckily there is a solution. A Camec Towball scale can help you measure your load quickly and easily. Giving you confidence to hit the road. 
Made by Camec one of Australia's largest caravan accessories distributors and manufacturers you can be confident of buying a quality product. 
Features & Specifications: 
    Measures up to 350kg
    Readings in KG & LB
    10kg increments marked
    Easy to read markings
    Soft head does not damage coupling
    Silver paint finish
    Lightweight and easy to stow

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