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Aussie Traveller Curved Roof Rafter - pick up only

Brand: Australian RV Accessories
Availability: In Stock
Price: $99.00 $70.00
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Our Curved Roof Rafters are widely considered as the best quality roof rafter available. Suitable for most caravan and RV rollout awnings including Dometic, Carefree & our own Sunburst & Coolabah awnings, the CRR is used to keep the vinyl of your awning from sagging, allow water to run off (preventing pooling), as well as keeping the fabric tight and reducing wind flap. . The Curved Roof Rafter is also available with a tensioning arm, known as a Curved Tension Rafter. The Curved Tension Rafter is a standard Curved Roof Rafter with a tension arm fitted and is ideally suited to awnings 18' and over. The lever action of the rafter allows it to exert pressure and help prevent longer awning roller tubes from bowing. Suggested Usage Awning Size Rafters Required 11' and under 1 12' 1 (2) 13' - 17' 2 18' - 21' 3* 22' and over 4*

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